Synthetic lash extensions are applied and bonded to your natural lash. Nouveau lashes are designed to give you thicker and longer looking lashes. 'Classic lashes' is one synthetic lash attached to one natural lash. This look will create a natural to medium set.

Nouveau lashes come in all different lengths, curls and weights to create your desired look. I personally like the lashes to be longer in the centre and shorter towards the inner and outer corners. This look is flawless. It opens up the eye to create an instant lift.

Each set of my lashes are created using various lash maps to suit and compliment each individual, alongside the elite lash technician. As with brows - no lashes should ever be the same! 

Hybrid lashes are created with both volume fans and classic lashes (one on one). Creating anything from a natural look, all the way to a fluffy and wispy effect . . . They're to die for!


If your motto is "the bigger, the better" then trust me, volume lashes are for you! Think Kim Kardashian . . . 


However, these can also be preferential for those who have very sparse lashes as the fans created, can give the illusion of a more full and more dense lash.

My hand-made fans are created using 3  to 8 lightweight lashes per fan. Using these fans, combined with your own 3 layers of lashes, will result in the most envious and glamorous volume.


Did you know that 40% of our lashes are 'dead', 40% of our lashes are still in the active phase of growing and the remaining 20% are baby (new) lashes.

Aftercare for all lash extensions are essential, avoiding oil based products as this will break down the adhesive. I recommend using a lash cleanser to clean your lashes every 3 days. Our skin naturally produces oil which will seep onto the lashes and effect the adhesive. Cleansing the lashes will prevent this from happening. Plus cleansing them will avoid any nasty, unwanted bacteria in those lashes!

For more information on the procedure and FAQ's please click here.


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