The word 'Ombré' in French means 'shaded'. This look is created using the same colour but, with different pressure's throughout to create the ideal brow. The start (bulb) of the brow should be nice and light, compared to the arch and the tail. This should show a contrast in colour. Everyone automatically things of a 'block' brow when ombré is mentioned however this is the ideal brow type. This brow is buildable to your preference from a nice soft dusting to a stronger powerful brow.

An ombré brow will fade consistently over time, giving you a brow that won't, over time, become saturated with colour.

When these brows are healed they will have a natural, powdery, soft look and will diffuse around the edges. Giving you a permanently tinted brow look.

It's a great way to add definition especially to sparse brows or for those who are not suitable for hair strokes. A combination brow can also be created by adding a section of hair-strokes at the front.


Perfect for normal, oily and darker skin types. 

For further information on the procedure and FAQ's please click here.


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