Brows are arguably the most important facial feature, the correct shaped brow can have the biggest impact on appearance, whether it be a more youthful look or, to fill in them over-plucked gaps! Semi Permanent Make up can also save you valuable time each morning.

Hair-stroke's are soft fine lines, which, with my technique, skill and the use of a machine create the most flawless natural brow. The hair-stroke brows I create are bespoke to each client, after all there should be no brows that look the same!

When they're healed, the lines will soften and diffuse. Normal and oily skin will diffuse the hair strokes more therefore an ombre brow would be recommended.


Perfect for dry skin types, as this skin will hold the crisp, clean hair strokes you desire.

For further information on the procedure and FAQ's please click here.


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