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Here's your short guide to help you achieve the most wanted brows around! A lot of research is required in finding the best technician that suits you, as well as answering those important questions surrounding semi-permanent makeup! Hopefully I have done this for you so, please take your time, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

My semi-permanent brows, hair-stroke or ombré, are created using a digital powered machine. The machine delivers fast strokes, reacts well to different skin types, making it suitable for every skin type. The machine allows the needle to move up and down 'x' amount of times per second. Which, with my skill, allows the upmost precision of implanting the pigment into the dermal layer (second layer) of the skin. I do not do microblading.

Everyone can benefit from semi-permanent brows! The brows I create are bespoke to each individual. Some skin conditions and medication can prevent you from having the treatment so if you are unsure please seek medical advise from your doctor.


Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different threshold of pain. Clients often find that tweezing during the tidy up is more painful than the actual procedure. A numbing cream can be applied if essential . . . some clients have even fallen to sleep!

How 'permanent' are semi-permanent brows?

Technically any form of tattooing is permanent. It is an extremely delicate form of tattooing of the skin, meaning they fade at a much quicker rate than an ordinary tattoo - which is why they are referred to as 'semi-permanent'.

How long does it take?

The procedure takes around 2 hours including a consultation and pre-draw.

How long do they last?

After the first procedure I do ask you to return 3 months later for the first top up. After this top up, your procedure is complete and your brows should be top-up free for another 9-12 months plus! This all depends on skin type and other factors e.g. UV exposure and regular facials. The correct aftercare is essential.

Can I get my brows done by you if I already have them tattooed?

It really depends what is underneath, sometimes it isn't possible to correct or go over another technicians work. A consultation is essential in this case. Please be aware, that as you are a new client to me, it will be priced as a new set of brows, not a top up.

What is the aftercare?

A detailed aftercare pack is provided upon completion of the treatment.

Do I need to maintain my brows after the procedure?

Yes your natural hair will still grow as usual.

Can I get my brows done whilst being pregnant?

No you can't have the procedure whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

How do I book?

You will need to contact me direct. We can then arrange a patch test and consultation which is free of charge. If you proceed to the next step of booking I do require a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your procedure appointment. 

Lip blush is definitely the treatment you didn't know you wanted . . . until now! Wake up every day looking your best and achieve the look you have always wanted with this permanent make up. This treatment is to create a more enhanced natural lip. Lip blush lasts up to 2 years and you can change the colour on your top up.

A thorough pre-draw is done on the day to get your lips to the perfect shape and symmetry. Once you are completely happy with the shape, the procedure can begin. The lip is lined, contoured and shaded to blend. You will be required to book your second sitting 4-6 weeks after your first appointment.


What will they look like when they're healed?

On the day when you leave the colour will be at 100% and once healed the colour will have faded by up to 40% which will be the final colour. Be prepared for them to be more saturated in colour on the day than you originally anticipated.

Does it hurt?

With the machine I use, different to the brows, the needle is a lot softer and more flexible, making it more comfortable.


What colour should I choose?

The colour is chosen by yourself, if you have a favourite lipstick then please bring it along with you! I will advise where necessary.

What is the healing process?

When you leave, your lips will be swollen. Swelling will subside and the colour will change in density on a daily basis. Please remember that swelling does not subside symmetrically. Your lips will be healed within 1 week but, you won't see your final result for at least 4-6 weeks.

Can I have this done if I already have lip fillers?

Yes you can but, I would recommend the procedure prior to having filler. If you are considering it after filler you would need to wait at least 6 weeks.

Will it make my lips bigger?

As we age we naturally loose the pigment in our lips, as well as the lip line. The procedure doesn't make your lips bigger in the same way filler does but it will make them more defined therefore giving the illusion of plumper lips.

What if I get coldsores?

The procedure itself does not give you coldsores. If you are known to have the virus, there is a chance that, due to the treatment you will break out. If you currently have a coldsore, you will need to reschedule your appointment.

What is the aftercare?

I will give you some ointment for your aftercare. This is to be used when the lips feel tight. If you get a coldsore you can use Zovirax or similar.


How does LVL work?

By straightening your natural lashes at the root, followed by a tint, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara, no messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.

How long will the treatment take?

45-60 minutes. It's a closed eye procedure too so, take advantage and have a nap!

How long will my LVL last?

It depends on each individual lash cycle, everyone is different but on average 6-8 weeks.

Will it damage my natural lashes?

Nouveau are the best authority in lash care. So, be assured that their products have been specifically formulated and tested to prevent damage to your lashes.

What aftercare is involved?

LVL is so low maintenance so, other than applying a regular flick of Nouveau's lash and brow conditioning serum, you could say bye to mascara....for good! You will need to avoid any moisture for 24-48 hours.


How does it work?

Top quality lash extensions are attached one by one to each of your lashes. They come in different lengths, curls, thicknesses and styles. You can choose how bold a statement you want to make, whether it be subtle or all out glamour.


Classic: - one synthetic lash bonded to one natural lash.

Volume: -  hand made fans consisting of 3 - 8 lightweight lashes. Creating a 3d volume effect. 

Hybrid: - a combination of classic and volume.

How long will the treatment take?

After a brief consultation, you can take advantage of a 90 minute nap! What's not to love?

How long will my lashes last?

You're set for up to eight weeks. With optional infills every two to three weeks to keep your lashes looking their best! Don't neglect the aftercare of your lashes.

Will it damage my natural lashes?

Absolutely not. Never try to take the lash extensions off on your own without using extension remover - that's just asking for trouble! Always follow my aftercare advice.

I've had my lashes done elsewhere can you infill them?

I would need to do a consultation. If the same application method has been used, then it shouldn't be a problem for me to infill another technicians work.

What aftercare is involved?

Avoid any moisture for 24-48 hours. Whilst you have your lashes on, be sure to avoid all oil based products as this will break down the adhesive. I will provide you with a mascara brush to comb through your lashes. You can purchase a lash cleanser to cleanse your lashes every 2/3 days. This will prevent any bacteria from building up and keep your natural oils, produced by your skin, away from the lash glue!