Are you a lip gloss lover but, hate a windy day? 

Don't fancy the lip filler route?

Lost your lip line?


Then Lip Blush is the procedure that you didn't even know you wanted!


Permanent make up will save you valuable time and effort! The aim is define your own natural lip (you have more than you think!) so, you can have a fabulous, natural, perfect pout. 

There are plenty of shades to choose from. The colour from the needle will fade by up to 40% once they've healed and this will be your beautiful end result. You will need to return for a top up about 4-6 weeks later to give your lips their final pop of colour.

The results of permanent make up today are very different to what they used to be, as we use pigments specially created for permanent make up and modern digital tools. Lip treatments have historically followed more of a 'very visible lip line' or 'colour within the lines' type of procedure. With the machine I use we can line, shade and pixelate to create those eternal youthful lips.

For further information on the procedure and FAQ's please click here.


Based in Ulverston, Kendal & Lancaster

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