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With permanent lip blush, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a variety of shades and intensities to achieve your desired look. Additionally the procedure can help to neutralise darker lips, providing a uniformed and radiant finish.

While permanent lip blush is considered semi-permanent, the longevity of the results varies depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle and aftercare. Touch-up sessions are recommended to maintain the desired colour and shape, ensuring your lips always look their best.

Experience the convenience and long-lasting beauty of permanent lip blush - your answer to effortless, smudge-free lips. A natural-looking and effortless beauty enhancement.


Click here for more information on the procedure and FAQs, and start your journey to perfectly tinted lips today!

"I've been thinking about lip blush for a while, but I wanted to make sure I chose the right person."

Welcome to the world of permanent lip blush, where beauty meets convenience! Also known as lip blushing or lip tattooing, this transformative procedure involves implanting pigment into your lips to enhance their colour and shape. Unlike lipstick or lip liner, which requires frequent touch-ups throughout the day, permanent lip blush offers a semi-permanent solution that lasts

Imagine having perfectly tinted lips from morning till night, with no need to worry about smudging or reapplication - making it the ideal choice for your wedding day or any special occasion.

During the procedure the lip shape will be drawn on to give you a preview of the design. The machine is used to deposit pigment into the lips, creating anything from a subtle tint effect that enhances your natural lip colour to a defined HD lipstick look. This choice will depend upon your natural lip colour as to which option would be suitable. The pigment is carefully applied to enhance the lips natural contours, add definition and to some extent, correct asymmetry. The result? Fuller, more defined lips that enhance your natural beauty and add a touch of sophistication to your appearance.

For your appointment I book out a 2.5 hour time slot. This includes choosing the perfect colour, discussing and mapping the appropriate style for you. The top up session, which is up to 12 weeks later, will take up to 1 hour for final adjustments.

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