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Welcome to our Li-FT removal process, a sophisticated solution performed with a permanent makeup machine, the same equipment which is used during the permanent makeup procedure. Unlike conventional tattooing methods, where ink is deposited into the skin, this procedure involved delicately implanting a salt saline solution. This approach is not only effective but also serves as an excellent follow-up procedure post-laser removal treatments!

Within 24-48 hours following the Li-FT session, the solution initiates a natural process, forming small flakes that encapsulate the lifted ink. These flakes naturally shed within 4-5 days, carrying away the unwanted pigment and leaving the skin lighter than before.

White typically achieving full removal requires 5 + sessions, the exact number varies depending on several factors; ink used, duration since the initial procedure, frequency of touch-ups and the depth of ink penetration.

Considering a touch-up or does your colour need adjusting? The quickest process for this would be laser removal however Li-FT can also perform well solo. Li-ft seamlessly complements laser tattoo removal by targeting any residual pigment left as Li-FT doesn't work by recognising a specific colour.

Experience the transformative power of Li-FT and embark on your journey to beautifully refreshed permanent makeup!

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