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- T A T T O O  R E M O V A L -

removal 2 sessions
After One Session of Removal on the righ
Complete Removal
Immediately After First Session
Healed Removal
Healed Removal

Li-FT removal process is performed using a Semi Permanent Makeup machine (similar to what was used when you initially have any SPMU). Instead of tattooing ink into the brows, a salt saline solution is tattooed in. This method is much safer than laser or any other removal creams there are. There is a very low risk of scarring and no risk of hair loss!

This will then form small flakes about 24-48 hours later, containing the ink that has been lifted. The small flakes will fall off 4-5 days post treatment, extracting the ink with it.

Usually 3-5 sessions are required for a full removal. However this will depend on several factors: 

  • The type of ink that was used

  • Time period i.e. How long ago it was first done

  • How many top ups or colour boosts you have had 

  • How deep the ink has been tattooed into the skin

If you are planning on having your SPMU re-done then a complete removal would not always be required. A partial removal can also be performed.

Each session will take 45-60 mins and is priced at £55 per session.