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hairstroke brows

Ultra realistic hair-strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. Ideal for sparse or hairless brows, also suitable for filling in small gaps on fuller brows. Recommended for normal to dry skin types.

Elevate your beauty and experience the artistry of my technique and style. I'm not just an artist, I'm a creator of bespoke brows, meticulously tailored to enhance your unique features. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, I ensure stability for every skin type, effortlessly accentuating and lifting your eye area.

My speciality lies in crafting hair-strokes that flow seamlessly with your natural eyebrow hair, if they don't flow they can look very artificial. Prior to the treatment, you'll have the opportunity to preview the design, ensuring your complete satisfaction. As your brows heal, the lines soften and blend naturally, resulting in a subtle yet stunning enhancement. For oilier skin types, I offer powder or shaded brows to ensure your brows age beautifully.

"Kayleigh really took her time and made sure they were perfect, I couldn't be happier"

combination brows

A very popular style of brow with a combination of hair-strokes and shading. Choose the placement of the hair-strokes and enjoy long-lasting structure from the shading.

shaded | powder brows

Discover soft, pixelated colour for versatile brow styles. Whether you prefer a transparent mist or a layered ombre look, this technique is recommended for all skin types. 

A shaded or powder brow is a technique which involves filling in the eyebrows with a soft, powdered effect, creating a natural yet stunning look that enhances your features. The result is a soft and subtle enhancement, perfect for those seeking a more filled-in and polished brow look - without the appearance of individual hair-strokes.

I take a conservative approach with my colour selection, allowing flexibility for further enhancement during the initial retouch session. Selecting colours to harmonise with your skin tone and hair colour, I guarantee the most naturally enhanced brows that perfectly complement your overall look. Recognising the importance of eyebrows as a defining facial feature, I shape them meticulously to deliver impactful transformations, restoring youthfulness and filling in over-plucked gaps with precision.

Experience the convenience and confidence that permanent makeup brings, saving you precious time each morning. For further details on the procedure and FAQ's, click here.

Many clients come to me seeking corrections for work done elsewhere. If the pigment hasn't faded by at least 50% or you're unhappy with the shape, correction may not be feasible. In some cases, starting with a fresh canvas for your brow journey is often the best approach. I provide both laser removal and salt and saline options, with laser sessions typically quicker and more effective. If you're unsure of the best course of action, feel free to reach out and discuss your options with me.

On the day of your appointment we will sit down and discuss your lifestyle, daily brow routine your ultimate end goal. I'll carefully evaluate your skin type, existing eyebrows and your facial expressions to determine the most suitable brow for you. I will draw your new brows so you can preview the design and show you the colour choice I have chosen for you. Although the healed colour won't be visible, I'll demonstrate it on your skin. Once we have finalised the design, we'll proceed with the procedure. Afterward, I'll ensure your satisfaction and provide a detailed aftercare kit. We will schedule your initial top-up appointment, typically 6-12 weeks later, to ensure your brows remain flawless.

combination brow
kayleigh working
combination brow
combination brow
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