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Welcome to my wonderful world of Permanent Makeup and Lashes! I'm Kayleigh and here is a little bit about me - I'm a well respected and knowledgable permanent make up artist based in the North West, mainly covering Cumbria and Lancashire. I am VTCT Level 4 trained in Micropigmentation which enables me to provide the highest quality and standards of work.

I have been in the permanent makeup industry since 2018 and beauty a lot longer, I feel I have progressed extremely well in that time! I've been trained by the best in the industry and I do believe my work can reflect that.

Permanent Makeup and Lashes are my absolute passion and I feel extremely lucky in being able to pursue a career in something that I love.

Thank you for visiting my website and please feel free to contact me at any time. I can't wait to hear from you!


Created by building up colour gradually, Ombré brows are the perfect option for most. The longevity and consistency of this type of brow fades at a consistent rate and ages beautifully. 


When healed these will be much softer and will blend with the natural brow hair, giving a permanently tinted brow look. I love this type of brow!

My technique and the machine create more beautiful, fuller looking brows and are bespoke to suit each individual with the additional option of adding shading, this makes it suitable for every skin type! Your eye area is the most focal point on your face on first contact with someone! Make sure your brows are always looking fantastic.

Colours are selected to match your skin type and hair colour giving you the most beautiful brows. 

Permanent tattooing can give you a more enhanced and youthful looking lip. As we get older we naturally loose the pigment in our lips, as well as the lip line.

This gentle blush will heal within a week and provide you with a more beautiful, better, natural lip!

A subtle eyelash enhancement can give you the perfect 'less is more' look no matter the occasion or weather!

If you are an everyday eyeliner wearer then this classy and sophisticated liner is the answer for you to have perfect liner all day everyday. 


Do you have some permanent make up that you're just not happy with? Then, I have just the answer!


Using Li-FT Removal, we can lighten permanent make up and microblading to allow you to either, have your semi permanent make up re tattooed or if you really don't like the SPMU look then, you can go for complete removal option. 

Li-FT can also be offered as an emergency removal procedure.

Synthetic semi permanent lash extensions are applied and bonded to your natural lash. I offer classic, hybrid and volume lash extensions. All of my lash fans are hand-made by myself.

Bespoke lash sets are created for each person and for any occasion.

Create length, maximise on volume and achieve a phenomenal lift with the U.K's No.1 lash lift!

Using what mother nature gave you, you can achieve envious, natural, maintenance free lashes, that last for 6-12 weeks in just 45 minutes! (Includes a free lash tint) 

Keen swimmer? This treatment is your answer! 

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